Pretorian Commitment

• Accuracy + Automation + Accountability
• Best Practices Turn Times
• CAP/COLA/CLIA Accredited
• Multi-discipline Pathologists on Staff
• Provide Professional and/or Technical Components
• Seamless EMR Integration
• Ability to partner with POL’s

Pretorian Capabilities

• Processing & Grossing
• Embedding & Microtomy
• Immunohistochemical Staining
• Seemless Intergration
• Couriers
• Phlebotomists
• Dermatopathologist Medical Director


Pretorian Labs is proud to have a robust urology program for our practitioners. We are led by our medical director who is a dermatopathologist and have assembled a powerful team of dermatopathologists & uropathologists reading slides for faster turn times. Pretorian Labs has industry leading proprietary staining methods for best results. We offer a comprehensive UTI test, Urine Cytology and customized kitting options.

  • Prostate TURP Needle Biopsies
  • Vas Deferens (Vasectomy)

Our Stains

Hematoxylin & Eosin

Common stain used to represent many aspects of cells.


Staining performed on state of the art Ventana Benchmark staining platform.

PIN Stain

Used to evaluate prostatic adenocarcinoma.


Accuracy + Automation + Accountability

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