Pretorian Commitment

• Accuracy + Automation + Accountability
• Best Practices Turn Times
• CAP/COLA/CLIA Accredited
• Multi-discipline Pathologists on Staff
• Provide Professional and/or Technical Components
• Seamless EMR Integration

Pretorian Capabilities

• Processing & Grossing
• Embedding & Microtomy
• Immunohistochemical Staining
• Couriers & Phlebotomists
• Ability to partner with POL’s
• Dermatopathologist Medical Director


Pretorian Labs is proud to have a robust podiatric program for our practitioners. We are led by our medical director who is a dermatopathologist and have assembled a powerful team of dermatopathologists reading slides for faster turn times. Pretorian Labs has industry leading proprietary staining methods for best results. We proudly offer ENFD (epidermal nerve fiber density) testing, a comprehensive wound care test and customized kitting options.

  • Nail
  • Skin Shavings, Scrapings & Excisions
  • Punch Biopsies
  • Toe Amputations
  • Lesions, Macules & Papules
  • Verruciform, Pigmented & Nodules
  • Soft tissue

Our Stains

Hematoxylin & Eosin

Common stain used to represent many aspects of cells.


Immunohistochemistry staining performed on state of the art Ventana Benchmark staining platform.


Aids in identifying gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Aids in identifying fungal infections.

Periodic Acid Schiff’s Fungus (PAS-F)

Stain of fungal cell walls of recently living fungi. Useful for detecting fungal organisms.

Grocott’s Methenamine Silver (GMS)

Stain of cell wall of fungus. Stains both recently living and degraded organisms. Useful for detecting recent or past fungal infections.


Stain highlighting argentaffin(uptakes silver) substances. Helps identify melanocytic process in tissues. Aids in identifying pigmented saprophytic fungi.


Accuracy + Automation + Accountability

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